sábado, 19 de maio de 2007

Historia da Refrigeração

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London regret issues a dynamical China bicycle into Guo Shuang " hold one's head high " leave
Be in " gold is consummate " in viewpoint of value, two silver medal and a bronze medal are additional value also appears dispensable, but the Guo Shuang that such achievement can let completely however 26 years old holds his head high leave competition ground of London Olympic Games.
[url=http://michaeljordanshoes.yolasite.com/]michael jordan shoes[/url] "I am defeated to rise, I feel to want to take Olympic Games gold have to from take bronze medal and silver medal to be made. " Guo Shuang does not have any weakening because of the result to his confidence, "I saw my actual strength, after I believe 4 years, I still have an opportunity to return finals field. After I believe 4 years, I still have an opportunity to return finals field..
Contest of the organization before this fast contest and the Guo Shuang that second place wins continuously in triumphant Lindsay, outstanding outside case is behaved in contest of woman try to be the first today. Famous general of her semifinals adversary Australia installs graceful Mi Ersi to had not been familiar with for her again, on the Beijing Olympic Games 4 years ago, two people are in contest of try to be the first have equal shares, as a result of,be Guo Shuang only the 3rd round foul just nurse a grievance and return. Face Miersi again nowadays, guo Shuang yearns for " avenge " the mood is very pressing.
"Guo Shuang's strong the urge for improvement makes me surprised, she is one can help the athlete that Chinese bicycle motion achieves historic breakthrough, her experience compares promotion with the photograph 4 years ago a lot of. " Mo Lei dragon teachs to say outside the France of motorcade of Chinese proper motion, "Be in China, field bicycle sport spreads as highway bicycle motion, chinese audience has not been gone out to be opposite by education field the interest of bicycle race. So, guo Shuang passes his effort even, let everybody experience field the glamour that the bicycle moves. "